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Frieda Ferrick

Poet & Author

About Frieda


My name is Frieda L. Ferrick, I am a wife, mother, grandmother, psychotherapist and a poet.

In August of 2014, at a women’s retreat, it became clear to me that I wanted to tell my parents story, their history using poetry and short stories. My parents, Max and Sophie Lazar were Holocaust survivors, not meant to be together, but they were, because of World War II taking them away from their homes and families.

I have written three books that I want to share with you. I feel completeness with their stories, though other stories continue to inspire my writing.

In fact, I am in the process of writing a new book that will have a very different appearance than my first three books.

My first three books are:    Stories My Family Could Not Tell, Stories I Must Tell You and Stories of Love, Hope and Courage                                                                                                                                                                           

My Books

Stories My Family Could Not Tell is my first book. In it are stories of World War II, and how it impacted my parents and therefore my sister and me. There is a section of prayers and a section of poems about my family as it is now.

New Life
The camps had closed
the dogs had stopped their barking.

I was born in a cold,
grey northern city

German doctors in white coats
surrounded my mother
I heard the sound
of her heart beating

Four months later
we flew away to America
stories of the old world
were not spoken

Pain and sorrow littered
our kitchen floor

Stories I Must Tell You, continues what I started in the first book. Plus, it has a short World War II Story.


Tears come to my eyes
when I think of you
and what you survived

The pieces of your heart
scattered all over Poland

Ashes and dust
now part of your skin
covering you
drowning out your cries

Stories of Hope, Love and Courage, finishes what started to tell my readers in the first and second book.
It also has a number of poems on grief and loss and events happening around me.


Mina was twelve years old
when she was separated
from her father,
my father
and sent to a concentration camp
with her Grandmother Frieda,
her mother and her little
sister, Margolit

As she was taken away
from her father,
she said to him,
Papa, you wil
even if we do not
I heard that story
when I was around Mina’s age
and I can’t tell you
how her bravery
cracked my heart open

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